Securing Your Child’s Future: How Education Trust Can Make It Possible

3 min readSep 15, 2023


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When Ade and Funmi began building their family, their dream was simple yet profound: to provide their children with the best possible education.

With their jobs — Ade as an engineer, and Funmi as a nurse — they could afford to enroll their kids in school like every other parent. However, they wanted their children to attend Ivy League tertiary institutions, where their careers and personal horizons would expand to compete on a global level.

They understood that sponsoring two children to study at that level might be financially challenging, so they needed a solid plan to turn their dream into a reality.

One fateful Saturday morning, Ade stumbled on a newspaper article about educational trusts. The writer described it as “a financial arrangement that you set up to save and invest specifically for your children’s education expenses. It’s like putting money aside in a dedicated account for their schooling.” That got his attention, so he read on. “By contributing regularly to the trust, you can accumulate funds over time, which can be used for various educational expenses, such as tuition, books, and even extracurricular activities.”

That sparked a lightbulb moment in his mind. This was exactly what they needed! Excited, he shared the idea with Funmi, and she immediately fell in love with it. So, that morning, the couple decided to give it a shot. They contacted a reputable Trust Advisor and set up an Education Trust for Tunde and Bisi.

At the time, their little ones were mere infants, Tunde a 7-month-old, and Bisi just 5 months old. Not minding their tight financial standing, the Adewales diligently allocated a portion of their monthly income to the Trust. Despite unexpected bills like medical expenses, home repairs, or emergencies, Ade and Funmi continued saving until their children graduated from secondary school. That’s almost 16 years of dedication!

The two Adewale children excelled in their WASSCE exams and started hunting for schools. Tunde was admitted to a prestigious U.S. university, while Bisi got accepted into a top Nigerian university.

Despite the high costs of funding the education of their two kids in top-flight universities, the Adewales were undaunted. The funds they had diligently saved in that educational trust over the years had grown and accumulated considerable interest, enough to cover tuition and living expenses. Mission accomplished!

Years later, as Ade and Funmi basked in their children’s achievements, they knew every penny invested in their future had been worthwhile.

The educational trust did not only safeguard their children’s education but also propelled them to unimagined heights…

How are you planning for your child’s future?

As parents or guardians, we often worry about our children.

We worry about doing everything humanly possible to set them up for a good life and a bright future.

In a country like Nigeria where the educational system is grappling with issues and the economy is unstable, giving your children quality education could be very expensive. Education trusts helps you plan ahead, providing peace of mind and financial security for your children’s academic aspirations.

Like Ade and Funmi, you too may be looking for a solid plan that guarantees your child gets the best education regardless of life’s unexpected twists and turns. With Afrinvest Education Trust, you can prepare financially for every academic milestone — whether it’s for their primary, secondary, or tertiary learning!

Ready to take the first step towards your child’s bright future?

Reach out to Afrinvest Trustees by clicking here and let us show you how we can make quality education a reality for your family.




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