Beyond its religious significance, the Easter season is a time to relax, take a much-needed break from work or school, and simply re-calibrate. The holiday in itself stretches for only two working days — Good Friday and Easter Monday — but there is no student or working-class adult who wouldn’t welcome the idea of an extra day or two off.

Here are some awesome ways to make the most of the long weekend on a budget:

1. Have A Cook-In: The idea of trying out a nice restaurant with your family during the holidays is always very appealing. Sometimes, however…

Onoise Onaghinon — Executive Director, Afrinvest

Every year, the International Women’s Day celebration re-emphasizes the important role women play in cultural, political, social and economic development.

With this year’s celebration themed “Choose to Challenge”, women all over Nigeria and indeed across the globe are standing up against stereotypes and gender bias with the hope of seeing a more inclusive world.

The Global Gender Gap report 2020 released by the World Economic Forum places Nigeria in the 128th position out of 153 countries in closing the gender gap, a marginal improvement from 2018 when the country ranked 133 among 149 countries.

Despite the odds stacked against them…

The Investment Playbook for 2021 — Questions &Answers

In light of the realities of today’s investment environment, investors need all the information they can get to build portfolios that will not only withstand the volatility of the market but also help reach investment goals.

During the maiden edition of our monthly webinar series, The Investment Playbook (TIP), our investment advisers were able to share deep insights and practicable strategies for investing today.

This post is a recap of the answers provided to the questions asked by participants during the webinar.

Q: Please can you offer examples of safe-haven assets?

Afrinvest Income Portfolio and Plutus Fund.

Q: Which portfolios…

Right from his early days, Jide has always wanted to be wealthy and successful. He once tried selling paper planes in primary school but that didn’t work out quite well. Now a young man with a decent paying job, he decided to venture into the investing world.

Like everybody else new to investing, he feared. There were too many stories of people losing their money and sinking into penury. He didn’t want that for himself. From his salary, he had managed to save some thousands of Naira but was wary of putting it to work. …

Numbers, graphs and research.

That’s what naturally comes to mind when asked about investment skills. You should have the ability to crunch numbers to calculate percentages and margins, you must be able to study graphs to understand market trends, and you must be willing to do a lot of research to help you make good investment decisions. These three along with other core skills are must-haves for every serious investor — beginner or expert.

But the reality is, we can sometimes feel woefully unequipped to handle all the curve-balls the investment world throws our way. That’s because, before we become…

With a skyrocketing inflation rate and depreciation of the naira, these are not exciting times for Nigerians. It has now become necessary for investors to diversify to bridge the negative real returns.

Outside the familiar world of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and treasury bills, there is a whole universe of investment vehicles that can help investors in Nigeria achieve the diversification that they so much crave. They are called Alternative Investments.

What are they and how do they work? This was the subject of our conversation on #AfrinvestTalks with renowned Investment Research & Securities Trader, Ayodeji Ebo.

What are alternative…

The risk-return relationship is vital to invest. The relationship guides the decisions made by investors, both retail and institutional. The principle is always that for a higher level of risk, the expected returns of investors would be high.

In layman terms, it is common to hear investors say the higher the risk, the higher the returns. This is not exactly true. It is more correct to say the higher the risk, the higher the expected returns.

Now, let us explain what we mean by risk.

It is the chance that something would happen and cause the returns from a particular…

One thing that all investors have in common is getting good value for their money, both in terms of interest income and capital appreciation. Investors seeking to hedge their savings against currency risk in Nigeria mostly look towards the “greenback” as a viable option.

If you have considered investing in dollars, then you must have come across the term “Dollar-denominated assets.” What are they and how do they work?

These questions and more formed the basis of our conversation on the #AfrinvestTalks series titled, “An Investor’s Guide to Dollar Denominated Assets”. …

Opportunity in a Crisis?

In our 2020 Economic & Financial Markets Outlook, we noted that the second term of President Muhammadu Buhari began with fiscal reforms as the Finance Act and the amended PSC Act were signed into law in H2:2019. As the economy was yet to fully recover from the 2016 economic recession, we highlighted that the FG needed to mobilize more resources and attract investments in support of areas such as infrastructure and human capital development. With the 2020 fiscal strategy unconvincing in these areas, we forecasted the economy to grow by 2.4% from 2.3% in 2019.


A lot of people get discouraged from equity investment in Nigeria because there are a lot of misconceptions about equities. We find that most people do not understand the basics of Equity investment. That is why we think it is important to start from scratch and break things down.

According to MyAccountingCourse, Equity Investment is “a financial transaction where a certain number of shares of a given company or fund are bought, entitling the owner to be compensated ratably according to his ownership percentage.

To help us unravel the myths and misconceptions about equities, we had a chat with Judith…


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