Onoise Onaghinon — Executive Director, Afrinvest

Every year, the International Women’s Day celebration re-emphasizes the important role women play in cultural, political, social and economic development.

With this year’s celebration themed “Choose to Challenge”, women all over Nigeria and indeed across the globe are standing up against stereotypes and gender bias with the hope of seeing…

The Investment Playbook for 2021 — Questions &Answers

In light of the realities of today’s investment environment, investors need all the information they can get to build portfolios that will not only withstand the volatility of the market but also help reach investment goals.

During the maiden edition of our monthly webinar series, The Investment Playbook (TIP), our…

Right from his early days, Jide has always wanted to be wealthy and successful. He once tried selling paper planes in primary school but that didn’t work out quite well. Now a young man with a decent paying job, he decided to venture into the investing world.

Like everybody else…

With a skyrocketing inflation rate and depreciation of the naira, these are not exciting times for Nigerians. It has now become necessary for investors to diversify to bridge the negative real returns.

Outside the familiar world of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and treasury bills, there is a whole universe of…

The risk-return relationship is vital to invest. The relationship guides the decisions made by investors, both retail and institutional. The principle is always that for a higher level of risk, the expected returns of investors would be high.

In layman terms, it is common to hear investors say the higher…


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